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How to resolve a fault that makes the ERR indicator on the Main Unit blinking or ON?
What is the common structure of digital input points in a PLC? What is the input difference between VH and VB series PLC? How to trigger the input point?
I have installed the VB-DB1R data bank expansion card in the VB series PLC, why using the DBWR / DBRD instruction or the Ladder Master could not access the data? Does it have some matters needing attention?
The PLC has been set a program password and lost the password, so could not to read its user program in the PLC. How can I remove the password in this PLC?
There is an DI/DO expansion unit, expansion modules or special module at the right side of a PLC main unit, why the function is not properly?
If the loader of the PLC's output is to drive an inductor (solenoid, contactor, relay, etc.), how to protect the output point when it is turned off?
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