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For the communication between a VS series's USB port and a computer, how to solve the available but unstable data link?
The VS series PLC all built-in a Mini-USB interface, if you use a regular USB cable, it is not fortified for the industrial purpose.We highly recommend using Vigor's VSPC-200 connection cable to reduce the fail rate at the condition with electromagnetic interference.

If could not connect successfully between a VB / VH series PLC and a computer, how to solve it?
  1. When power supplied, the PWR indicator LED on the Main Unit will be ON. If it is not ON, please check the wiring of power, and make sure suitable voltage is used for this PLC type.
  2. If you are using a USB port on the computer, must use Vigor's VBUSB-200 connection cable. Because PLC has a built-in USB connector as communication ports CP1 but this CP1 is using the standard of RS-232, could not directly connected to the computer's USB.
  3. Vigor's VBUSB-200 has two versions. The old white version is discontinued, which only use on Windows 7 and early OS. The new VBUSB-200 black version can use on Windows 8.1 and early OS.
  4. If it is a VB Series PLC, please check the setting of station No. of CP1. This No. must match with the Ladder Master's station No. when sending a command to the PLC. Click the “System” in menu bar of Ladder Master and select “PLC's CP1 Station Number Setup” then set the No. become “0”. Also,elect “Ladder Master Station Number Assignment” then set the No. become “0”.
  5. If the Communication Expansion Slot connected with a VB-CADP module, the original CP1 at the Main Unit will become inactive, because the CP1 is transferred to the USB connector on the VB-CADP.
  6. The Main Unit's CP1 has two connectors (USB and JST-4 Pin) and inside the wiring are paralleled. Since the RS-232 is for the communication between two devices only, so the CP1's connectors could use either one at the same time.
  7. The communication port of the Ladder Master is only allowed to use COM1~16. If the virtual port of VBUSB-200 has exceeded the range, please assign the port between COM3~16.